Recipe Me Brand Identity

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The brand identity for a recipe mobile app.

UI Design, Graphic Design

Illustrator, Figma

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Project Overview

I crafted the brand identity for a RecipeMe, a mobile recipe app. Meticulous attention was paid to every detail to ensure a cohesive and memorable experience. Typography played a pivotal role, with a harmonious blend chosen to reflect the app's personality—modern yet approachable.

My selection of brand colours was carefully curated to evoke feelings of freshness, vibrancy, and culinary delight, instilling a sense of anticipation in users as they explore recipes.

The icons, designed using Illustrator, served as intuitive visual cues, enhancing navigation and adding visual flair.

Bringing all elements together, a mockup was designed using Figma, providing a glimpse into the app's seamless user interface and reinforcing its identity as a trusted culinary companion.

Project Preview

RecipeMe Typography
Typography styling
RecipeMe Brand Colours
Brand colours with hexcodes and rgb values
RecipeMe Icons
Icon Illustrations
RecipeMe Mockup
RecipeMe Mockup

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