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A real-life USB scale of a Gibson electric guitar.

Product Design


Project Overview

I enjoy playing the guitar and wanted to design a USB drive after one. It’s modelled after a Les Paul guitar and features knobs, a fret, pickups and a bridge.

My initial idea was more complicated, I wanted to include guitar strings. After getting some external feedback, I decided to simplify the design as this would be a small physical device that only need so many details.

I wanted the guitar to be separated at the middle of body. I was able to accomplish this by accurately drawing out the Body sketch with Splines. I also wanted the back of the fretboard to be curved. I was able to do this by using the Fillet tool. The USB can be opened by pulling the top body and fret off. The circuit board can be accessed by pulling the top of the bottom’s body.

When I was designing the knobs, I realized that I wanted the distance to be accurate. Although I didn’t end up using it, I found the Transform tool useful; specifically Translate by XYZ. It allows you to move parts by XYZ.

Overall, I’m happy with my USB drive. I would have liked to add more details if possible, such as tuning keys at the head of the guitar. I like the bright yellow colour body and fretboard back that contrasts with the fretboard, knobs, and head.

Project Preview

USB cover off
The cover of the USB taken off the drive
USB Interior
Interior of USB
3/4 view of USB
3/4 view of the USB

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