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A responsive calculator that features a 3-way theme toggle switch.


React, TailwindCSS, Netlify

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Project Overview

I undertook the challenge of developing a fully functional calculator with a 3-way theme toggle. Using React for dynamic UI updates and TailwindCSS for styling, I developed an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. I leveraged Netlify for seamless deployment. To ensure accessibility to users across different screen sizes, I developed this app with mobile first approach.

A few things I learned and used in this project:

  • Using CSS attribute selectors to set the color of the toggle switch. I have 3 input components that represent each theme, with values from 0 to 2, inclusive. By accessing an input using input[value=""], I was able to color that input according to the selected theme.
  • Defining reusable colors using CSS variables. This allowed me to use the colors without writing repetitive hex-codes. I also made sure the names where identical across all themes so that I could define multiple themes regardless of hex value.
  • Setting up multiple themes using the @layer directive. In my tailwind config file, I was able to use the CSS variables to define the background and text colours.

My development process

  • Developed the desktop frontend
  • Added functionality with useState.
  • Added responsive design for mobile and tablet screen sizes
  • Refactored components into separate files
  • Refactored arbitrary CSS classes into custom TailwindCSS styles

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